Monday, 28 January 2008

Radio Telefís Éireann la Guardian:

One of the principles enshrined in the 1998 peace accord was that nationalist/republican culture would be given "parity of esteem" with unionist/British culture. The British government agreed to pour millions into Irish-language projects, for instance, and the Irish government extended its television broadcasting reach far into Northern Ireland. The Irish-language state television station, TG4, can now be viewed in most parts of Northern Ireland.

Bradley and other northern critics of RTE's decision to scrap its medium-wave radio signal say that the broadcaster is depriving nationalist listeners of a vital daily part of their culture.

The Republic's foreign ministry is so concerned about the fears of northern nationalists that it has consulted the department of communications about what can be done. It is understood that one option being considered is for RTE to invest in technology that will allow its FM services to be received all over Northern Ireland...

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