Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Alta Kosto de Kimra Telefono

…de la Western Mail:

It may be good to talk – as the old BT slogan claimed – but it may cost you more if you want to do so in Welsh.

BT customers who want to use the company’s online billing and 1571 answer phone services in Welsh could face paying up to £32.40 a year more than those using the services in English.

The disparity was last night cited by Welsh language campaigners as proof of the need for a broad Legislative Competence Order (LCO) to give the Assembly Government the powers to ensure people have the right to a comprehensive Welsh language service.

Currently, BT customers who receive their bills online pay £1.23 a month less than those who receive bills through the post.

But although paper bills are available in English and Welsh, online bills are only available in English.

Y Cynllun Sabothol Cymraeg

...de Campaign Series:

A Bargoed teacher who took paid time off to improve her Welsh language skills this year is encouraging others to take advantage of a sabbatical scheme.

Julie Elliott, who lives in Bargoed but works at Creigiau Primary School in Cardiff, is among a growing number of education staff to take advantage of the Welsh language Sabbaticals Scheme.
The intensive course is designed to provide both permanent and supply teachers with the skills to teach bilingually or through the medium of Welsh with confidence.

Julie, a second-language Welsh speaker, said: "Over the years I've done various Welsh courses but this is the first time I have actually felt close to being fluent. Rather than being just one step ahead of the pupils, I now feel confident that I am making a valuable contribution to their Welsh education.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Irlandalingvo en la Kuirejo de la Infero

…de An Claiomh Solais / The Irish Arts Center:

Join the Irish Arts Center, in cooperation with the Consulate General of Ireland, for its annual celebration of the Irish language.

Lá Gaeilge/Irish Language Day is for participants of all skill levels in the Irish language, from absolute beginners with a burgeoning interest to fluent speakers.

So come immerse yourself in the Irish language with beginner, intermediate and advanced classes for adults and children, film screenings, a relaxing chat as Gaeilge, live music from Ashley Davis and Irish poetry read with translations.

Light refreshments are provided throughout the day. Bígí linn!

“Kontraŭgaelaj Zelotoj”

…de la John O’Groat Journal:

A Caithness councillor has hit out at a claim that local representatives who are to meet with Bòrd na Gàidhlig on the controversial issue of bilingual signs will be "a carefully selected body of anti-Gaelic zealots".

Thurso Highland councillor
John Rosie took issue with an editorial in the West Highland Free Press which attacked him and his fellow Caithness councillors over their opposition to Gaelic and English being used on road and other signs.

Mr Rosie was instrumental in getting Bòrd na Gàidhlig to agree to come north to meet with six local historians for "a reasonable and intelligent discussion" to try and resolve the issues about bilingual signs and other matters.

He was also successful in getting the local authority to review its Gaelic plan and to ensure the Gaelic budget is subject to the same scrutiny as every other budget.

Mr Rosie's move was attacked by the Skye-based weekly paper. In an editorial it accused the councillors and other people in the North of working themselves "into a lather" about Highland Council's bilingual road signs.

"They claim that Gaelic is not wanted in Caithness and that Caithness should be allowed to opt out of bilingual signage," stated the editorial. The paper maintained the issue amounts to "nothing more than the addition of some Gaelic place names to most English language road signs" and argued that the councillors are anti-Gaelic.”…

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Signala Demandaro

…de la Ceithearna Coille:

Tá suirbhé maidir le comharthaí bóthair sna 26 contae ar siúl i láthair na huaire agus iarrtar ar Ghaeil cuidiú leis an obair thábhachtach seo.

Chun do bharúil a chur in iúl, díreach cliceáil ar an nasc seo, líon isteach an suirbhé agus seol ar aghaidh é!

Trilingvaj Signaloj

…de la Ballymoney Times:

A well-known solicitor in Ballycastle says The Diamond in the centre of the town, should have Irish and Ulster-Scots added to the English nameplate to reflect the 'cultural diversity' of the whole Moyle District.

Berkeley White, whose office is based at The Diamond, wrote to Moyle Council saying that as The Diamond is the central 'square' in the town it is appropriate that all major cultures are represented.

And he wants to see Quay Road, where he lives, also have a triple language representation because it is one of the main roads in the town.

In a letter to the Council, Mr White said: 'As a business rate payer of 7 The Diamond, Ballycastle, I would propose that Moyle District Council add street names in both the Irish and Ulster Scots (Scots Irish) languages.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Sen. Margaret Craven

…de la Sun Journal:

There are many fun ways to celebrate without spending a lot of green. One way is to play Irish music, said state Sen. Margaret Craven, a native of Ireland. “The Irish music is very lively. You can’t help but tap your foot. It really lightens the mood.”…

….In Portland, the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade begins at noon Saturday. The parade route is along Commercial Street starting from the Gulf of Maine and ending at the Maine State Pier. At the end there will be a few invited speakers, including Craven, who will give a speech in the Irish language of Gaelic…
*** Uaslódáil d’oráid ar YouTube, a Sheanadóir!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Aifreann Gaeilge / Irlandalingva Meso

Byki Irish

…de Ajax World Magazine:

Transparent Language today announced the release of its new iPhone language learning application – Byki Irish. Available for download at byki.com/iphone, the Byki Irish for iPhone (and iPod touch) app will be free on St. Patrick’s Day (March 17). After St. Patrick’s Day, Byki Irish will cost $7.99 for the first 30 days as a special introductory price and $9.99 from then on.

Byki Irish for iPhone comes with more than 1000 words and phrases, including some special vocabulary for St. Patrick’s Day, all taught through Byki’s rapid, 3-step learning process. Every word and phrase includes native speaker sound, and Byki Irish for iPhone includes the popular SlowSound function that allows users to slow down the audio to help perfect their pronunciation…

Monday, 9 March 2009

Interreta Korporacio por Nomizaj Nomoj kaj Ciferoj

...de The Register:

During a summit in Mexico City last week, ICANN heard pleas to quit stalling from those who would propose gTLDs such as “.bzh”, “.gal”, “.eus” and “.ker” to represent the Breton, Galician, Basque and Cornish peoples, respectively.

These groups want to follow in the footsteps of Catalonia, which secured “.cat” to represent its language and culture in 2005.

The more ICANN drags its feet, the less credible they appear in the eyes of their supporters, it was claimed.

Dr. Louise Richardson

…de la Financial Times:

“I had also become very interested in Irish language and literature.”
She wore what’s called a fáinne, a lapel ring that signified Irish was her preferred language. “Speaking Irish became my political statement.”

She believes now that this emphasis on the cultural eased the transition away from supporting violent Republicanism, and that her own experience may have a wider application.

Since part of the attraction of joining a terrorist group is that it provides a strong cultural community, an intelligent deradicalisation programme would encourage Muslims, for example, to express their Islamic identity – “but in positive, non-violent ways”.

Irlandanoj en Teksaso

Irish Gaelic was not preserved in pockets of Texas, as was French in the Port Arthur and Beaumont area and German in Fredericksburg and central Texas, nor was it broadly preserved as Spanish was.

Gaelic is an ancient language, which is beautiful when sung, but appears in print as if done by a typist with fingers on the wrong keys of the typewriter.

A few Gaelic words have stuck in our language like "bog," "shanty," "shebang," "smithereens,"...

Friday, 6 March 2009

Aifreann Gaeilge / Irlandalingva Meso

…de Glucksman Ireland House:

In honor of St. Patrick, an Irish- and English-language Mass will be celebrated at St. Patrick's Old Cathedral on Mott Street in Manhattan, between Prince and Houston streets, on Saturday, March 14th at noon.

Father Andrew M. O'Connor of Holy Family Church in the Bronx will celebrate the Mass, with Msgr. Donald Sakano, pastor of the Old Cathedral, as a concelebrant.

Readings will be done in English by Father O'Connor and in Irish by Pádraig Ó Cearúill, Language Lecturer of Irish Studies, NYU. The Washington Square Harp and Shamrock Orchestra, led by Mick Moloney, Global Distinguished Professor of Irish Studies and Music, NYU, will perform liturgical music. Jared Lamenzo will play the beautiful and historic 1868 Henry Erben pipe organ. More information and photographs of this organ are online at http://www.jaredlamenzo.com/erbenrenewal.

After the Mass, a party celebrating the Feast of St. Patrick will be held in front of the church, with traditional Irish music and refreshments.
The Old Cathedral was the seat of the Diocese (and then the Archdiocese) of New York from 1815 to 1879. The architect for this Gothic building was Joseph-François Mangin, who also designed Manhattan's City Hall.