Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Trouz Bras

...de la Telegram (Massachusetts):

“Trouz Bras (pronounced ‘True Brazz’) means ‘Great Sound’ in the Celtic language of Brittany, the ancient country that now finds itself in the northwestern region of France. It also translates as ‘Big Noise’ - a reference to the loud Breton bagpipes that fuel the band's driving sound.

Catapulting traditional Breton dance tunes into the 21st century, Trouz Bras combines swirling bagpipes and soaring fiddle with a rocking rhythm section. The band is led by bagpiper and vocalist Ray Price, a native Welshman who has expanded his Celtic roots to become a global ambassador of Breton music and dance...”

Monday, 30 July 2007

Irlandalingvo kaj Novjorka Slango

...de Counter Punch:

“Cassidy unlocks the secret of a centuries-long infiltration of Irish into English, exactly where it would be most expected, amid the playfully subversive, syncretic, open-ended olio of slang. ‘We were not balbh (mute) in Irish,’ writes Cassidy:

‘The slang and accent of five generations and one hundred years in the tenements, working-class neighborhoods, and old breac-Ghaeltachta (Irish-English speaking districts) slums ('s lom, is a bleak exposed place) of Brooklyn and New York City held within it the hard--edged spiel (speal, cutting language) and vivid cant (caint, speech) of a hundred generations and a thousand years in Ireland: Gaeilge, the Irish language.’”

Saturday, 28 July 2007

Harry Potter

...de la Scotsman:

"The Western Isles MSP, Alasdair Allan, has written to JK Rowling's publishers asking for an edition of Harry Potter in Gaelic. The series has been translated into 50 languages, but Scots Gaelic is not among them.

'This has left many fans in Scotland who wish to read Harry Potter in their native language disappointed,' he said. The fact the books had been translated into two other Celtic languages, Irish Gaelic and Welsh, made it "even more surprising'."

Friday, 27 July 2007

Anglalingvo en Gaelalernejoj

...de la Irish Times:

“Minister for Education, Mary Hanafin, has decided that all Irish-speaking schools - gaelscoileanna - will be obliged to teach at least half an hour of English a day from next year.

Until now, many gaelscoileanna have not taught English at all for the first two years of a child's schooling.

It is understood that schools with such a ‘total immersion’ tradition of teaching Irish have until 2008 to implement the new policy which will apply to pupils in the second term of junior infants and upwards…”


…de icWales:

"Recording at home had a similar appeal for Welsh language band Sibrydion. It was only when they were ready to mix album Simsalabim that they went into the studio.

Singer Meilir Gwinedd says, 'We engineered it all ourselves and recorded it ourselves and then brought in Cian Ciaran [Super Furry Animals] to mix it. We worked on it for an eight- month period with no constraints and then we got to the point when were thought it would be nice to get some fresh eyes on it.'"

Oireachtas na Gaeilge

…de la Mayo Advertiser:

“Ireland's premier Irish language cultural festival – takes place in Westport from Wednesday October 31 to Sunday November 4…

…The Oireachtas is one of the last surviving traditional Gaelic festivals to survive. It is the All-Ireland final for the people who have preserved and continued Ireland's old vocal traditions and is one not to be missed.”

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Asocio de Gaelaj Konsumantoj

...de Lá Nua:

“Théis dianoibre bliana, tá suíomh gréasáin eagraíochta nua-bhunaithe, Cumann na dTomhaltóirí Gaeilge, beo ar an idirlíon.

Tá leagan sealadach den togra ar fáil ag www.tomhaltoir.com faoi láthair agus tá eagarthóirí an chumainn ag lorg moltaí ón bpobal ar bhealaí chun snas a chur ar an suíomh.

Is beirt fhear óg atá taobh thiar den fhiontar seo, Seanán Ó Coistín ó Chill Choca i gCill Dara agus Domhnaill Ó Muirí ó Leamhcán i mBaile Átha Cliath.

‘Táimid fós ag cur an suíomh le chéile agus tá muid ag iarraidh léirmheasanna a fháil air ón bpobal ar cad a cheapann siad faoi agus cén saghas rudaí atá uathu ar an suíomh,’ arsa Ó Coistín.”

Irlandalingva Lego en Dubo

...de la Irish Times:

“The North's culture minister Edwin Poots has cast doubt on whether a proposed Irish Language Act will be brought before the Northern Assembly as envisaged in last November's St Andrews Agreement.

Speaking after a meeting today with a Sinn Féin delegation headed by Gerry Adams, the DUP minister said he and his officials would have to study responses to a consultation on the Act and would have to conduct a cost benefit analysis before a decision could be reached…”

Kimralingvo en Argentino

...de icWales:

“Welsh culture is ‘back in fashion’ in Patagonia, 30 years after Argentina’s military dictatorship made it illegal for parents to give their children Welsh names.

New research suggests that the Welsh language and identity in Patagonia is stronger now than it has been in modern times.

Dr Ian Johnson, of the Centre for Language and Communication Research at Cardiff University, said Welsh was “crucial” to the Chubut Province in Patagonia, where the number of people learning the language has surged since the inception of a Welsh Language Project in 1997.

His findings were supported by
Cymdeithas Cymru-Ariannin (Wales-Argentina Society) secretary Ceris Gruffudd, who said Welsh was now ‘back in fashion’...”

“Politika Varmega Terpomo”?

…de la BBC:

“The Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams is to demand an Irish language act when he meets the Culture Minister Edwin Poots.

Mr Adams said he personally negotiated the Act at St Andrew's in talks with the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State. Now that Tony Blair and Peter Hain have moved on, the issue has fallen into the lap of the DUP minister. And Mr Adams had this message for Mr Poots: "There will be an Irish language Act, and it will be a strong Irish language act. The only question of course is when we will have it."... .

David McNarry, an Ulster Unionist MLA who sits on the Culture Arts and Leisure Committee, said the Irish Language Act was "a political hot potato". And he doesn't see the legislation getting backing from unionists in the assembly...

...He said his department would adhere to its responsibilities but pointed out there were alternatives to legislation. He said this would be a matter for discussion and debate.

The second consultation has yielded a remarkable 11,000 responses.

The department is sifting through these, said to be varied, and the situation should become clearer by the Autumn."

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Bretonalingvo kaj la Lernejoj

...de Agora Vox:

“Charles De Gaulle, auteur de L’Appel aux Celtes, apprit le breton et le pratiqua comme sa langue maternelle. Il rédigea même des poésies en breton. Il rêva de la résurrection des langues celtiques comme langues littéraires. Certes, ce Charles de Gaulle n’était pas le Général mais son grand-oncle (né en 1837).

George Sand apprit également le breton pour apprécier à leur juste valeur dans leur langue d’origine les chants traditionnels du Barzazh Breizh.

Mais ces exemples relèvent plus d’un engouement aristocratique pour la celtomanie que d’un mouvement populaire qui ne viendra que plus tard, après une période répressive de l’Etat français symbolisée par la fameuse 'Interdiction de parler breton et de cracher parterre', écriteau qui figurait dans les lieux publics et les écoles.”

Ysgol Carreg Hirfaen

...de la Evening Post (Abertawe):

“Parents and governors turned out in force to protest against plans that could starve Welsh village schools of funds. More than 100 people protested outside Carmarthen's County Hall on Monday morning before a meeting of the council's executive board discussed the final draft document for distributing budget shares to schools…

…As part of the new budget, Carreg Hirfaen Primary School, with sites in Cwmann, Ffarmers and Llan-y-Crwys, could see its annual budget slashed by £90,000 - 25 per cent of its current funding...

...Cymdeithas yr Iaith, which is supporting parents in their fight, said category A (Welsh-medium) schools would be worse off, losing £460,040 in funding. Cymdeithas chairwoman in Carmarthenshire, Sioned Elin said: 'The council plans to starve Welsh- medium village schools into submission and place their governors in impossible situations. In the process, they would be dealing a terrible blow to Welsh- medium education and to our Welsh-speaking communities.’…"

Espero en Doire

...de la Derry Journal:

“A leading Irish language activist in Derry says he believes the proposed Irish Language Act will be in place in the next six months.

Donnacha MacNiallais, of An Gaelaras, made the comment after Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams met with the Minister for Culture, Arts and Leisure at Stormont yesterday to discuss the planned legislation.

Mr McNiallais says he is expecting a response to the consultation process from the Department in the autumn.”

Ĉu la irlandalingvo estas batalilo?

…de letero de Nelson Mc Causland en la Belfast Telegraph:

“Gerry Adams has stated that "the Irish language threatens no one. Irish language rights threaten no one." That is simply untrue…

…Twenty-five years later the IRA has ended its military 'war' but the war is not over and Sinn Fein is now turning more and more to a cultural war, in which it intends to use the Irish language as one of its principal weapons.

The IRA may have decommissioned its guns, but Sinn Fein is now engaged in a process of cultural rearmament and their demand for an Irish language act is part of that process.”

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Dafydd ap Gwilym

...de Language Hat:

"The Welsh Department of Swansea University has put online an edition of the work of the medieval Welsh poet Dafydd ap Gwilym..."

Skotgaela kaj Evangelia Muziko

...de la Inverness Courier:

“Inverness Cathedral will resound to the very different cadences of Gaelic psalm singing and the American gospel tradition when the Gaelic Psalm Singers of Lewis, led by Calum Martin, team up with the London Adventist Chorale on Friday...

...‘The idea that we want to explore, and the reason why the concert came about as part of Highland 2007, is the musicological connection between the Gaelic psalm singing tradition and its subsequent development in the United States,’...

...’The tradition was obviously taken over with the Scottish immigrants, and we are interested in the way that music then influenced the development of the gospel tradition, particularly in black communities over there.’”

Arriva kaj Kimralingvaj Anoncoj

…de la Evening Post (Abertawe):

“Train operator Arriva has agreed to review its language policy after a row broke out over whether Welsh or English should be used first in announcements at the country's train stations.

A group of Labour MPs launched a Parliamentary petition saying it would be ‘far more sensible and far more convenient for passengers’ to switch the order so English was first on platforms in many parts of Wales.”

Monday, 23 July 2007

Michael Foot, MP

...de la BBC:

“Mae cyn arweinydd y blaid Lafur Michael Foot wedi datgelu ei fod yn difaru peidio â dysgu Cymraeg.

Mewn cyfweliad â'r BBC i nodi ei ben blwydd yn 94 oed ddydd Llun, dywedodd ei fod yn difaru peidio â dysgu'r iaith pan etholwyd ef yn Aelod Seneddol Glyn Ebwy yn 1960, yn olynydd i Aneurin Bevan...”

South Park

...de Lá Nua:

“Ní hí an Ghaeilge an teanga is mó a luaitear leis an tsraith anamúlachta South Park a bheidh le feiceáil ar scáileáin TG4 san Fhómhar, tá sé dearbhaithe.

Nó is mó an clú atá ar an chartún seo do dhaoine fásta as ucht na drochtheanga a úsáidtear go fairsing sa chlár, atá le haistriú go Gaeilge ag an chomhlacht ó Chonamara,
Abú Media.”

Regino de Kornvalo

...de Le Télégramme:

“Elle s’appelle Nolwenn Vigouroux. Elle est âgée d’un peu plus de 20 ans. La demoiselle est devenue, hier après-midi, la nouvelle Reine de Cornouaille, à quelques heures de l’épilogue du festival de Cornouaille, à Quimper (29).

Une fois le « grand défilé breton » achevé, devant plusieurs milliers de spectateurs, la Quimpéroise Nolwenn Vigouroux a été sacrée reine de Cornouaille, hier à Quimper, à l’issue de l’Abadenn Veur, la grande assemblée des sonneurs et danseurs de Cornouaille. Née en 1986, la nouvelle majesté est membre du Cercle des Eostiged Ar Stangala de Kerfeunteun-Quimper depuis l’âge de 13 ans. Elle est actuellement en 3 e année d’université, où elle suit des cours de langue bretonne. Langue qu’elle compte bien enseigner aux enfants, car elle veut exercer la profession de professeur des écoles.”

Erer Kozh

...de Agence Bretagne Presse:

“Un nebeut skeudennoù deus Joey Starr ha Justice tapet dec'h da noz hag un toullad gerioù dedenus gant Lou eus Radio Kerne...

Dec'h da noz e oamp deuet a-benn da sellet ouzh muioc'h a sonadegoù evit an devezhioù all : ur mor a dud a oa deuet evit Joey Starr ha nerzh ganto ! Ur frapadig mat eus sonadeg Justice a oa tremenet dindan barradoù glav, met bourrapl eo bet memestra ! 170 000 den zo deuet da selaou ouzh an abadennoù sonerezh daoust d'ar glav, daoust d'ar c'honsertoù nulet (Klaxons, ha Sinead O Connor)...

E-pad an dibenn sizhun-mañ eo bet kavet un toullad brezhonegerien ha roet oa bet kalzig ar gaoz d'ar mediaoù e brezhoneg ivez : Webnoz disadorn, Radio Bro Gwened, Radio Kreiz-Breizh, Radio Kerne, pennadoù gant Hoel Louarn war lec'hienn an Erer-Kozh…”

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Princo Madog

…de la Toronto Star:

“The story of a Welsh prince beating Christopher Columbus to it by 300 years was the stuff of myths and legends.

Stories of Madoc's voyage to the New World in 1170 didn't make it into the school curriculum when I was growing up in North Wales in the 1960s, but that didn't matter. Madoc was our hometown son who had made history, or so the story went.

The Madoc story gained recognition in North America more than a decade earlier when in 1953, Washington D.C.- based Daughters of the American Revolution erected two plaques – one in Rhos-on-Sea, the other in Mobile, Ala. – commemorating Madoc's voyage.

The plaques read ‘In memory of Prince Madoc, a Welsh explorer, who landed on the shores of Mobile Bay in 1170 and left behind, with the Indians, the Welsh language.’"

Friday, 20 July 2007

Lingva Raporto

...de Radio Telefís Éireann:

“Minister for Community, Rural & Gaeltacht Affairs, Éamon Ó Cuív, has said that the leaking of the linguistic study on the state of the Irish language in the Gaeltacht was wrong.

Excerpts of the report were published in the newspaper, Foinse, last weekend.

Minister Ó Cuív said it should not have been leaked and that leaking it was not in the interest of the Irish language...”

An Ceathrú Gaeltachta

...de la Andersontown News:

“West Belfast’s burgeoning Ceathrú Gaeltachta /Gaeltacht Quarter has taken a significant step towards getting its own iconic piece of public art celebrating the Irish language.

At a public meeting held at An Chultúrlann, Irish language enthusiasts gave their ideas about what they envisaged for the Quarter.”

Por la Lingvo, Kontraŭ la Regulo

...de la Irish Independent:

“The former president of University College Dublin (UCD), Dr Art Cosgrove, wasn't called to the Bar yesterday - although he has become a barrister. In his own solution to an Irish problem, he chose to spend the day at home while his fellow law graduates accepted their right to practise…

…Dr Cosgrove, a well-known supporter of Irish, said his protest was based on the ‘irrationality of the whole thing’”.

...de la Evening Post (Abertawe):

"A Protest will be held against plans by Carmarthenshire Council which, opponents claim, could threaten the existence of every small and medium village school in the county.On Monday, Carmarthenshire Council's executive board will be discussing a recommendation to adopt a new formula for funding for education.

The council said it was the first review since the authority's inception.

Council chiefs said it was important to ensure educational resources were properly focused.

Cymdeithas yr Iaith, the Welsh language society, claims it could leave the county without small and medium-sized village schools, except for a small number in remote locations.

The Welsh Language society says the proposed formula would reduce the current support for smaller schools and federations, and, as a result, small village schools could lose large chunks of their funding."

Daithí Mac Cárthaigh

...de la Meath Chronicle:

"President of Conradh na Gaeilge, the voluntary national language promotion body, Daithí Mac Cárthaigh, his wife Róisín and their three young children have just taken up residence in their new Ráth Cairn home where the children are attending Scoil Uí Gramhnaigh.

They are among the latest Irish-speaking families welcomed into the county’s main Gaeltacht district through the Comharchumann’s development of sites for them as well as local families...

...He believes that the language will endure there and suggests that the weaker Gibbstown Gaeltacht might yet recover if sufficient locals can be encouraged to use it. 'But eventually, it is the choice of local people, no matter what measures are put in place.'...

...He is busily canvassing the 1,400 NUI voters in the county, who must have their Senate votes in the post by this weekend as voting closes next Tuesday (24th). He is running as an independent. 'If you want to run for a political party, stand for the Dáil,' he says, pointing to his priorities in education, disability, taxation and foreign policy. His firm message to local graduates, however, is 'make sure to vote - or ensure right now that you get a ballot paper next time'".

Thursday, 19 July 2007

La Klaso de 2007

...de la Universitato de Ulstero:

“The outstanding success of the BA Hons Irish Class of 2007 will encourage others to sign up for Irish Language courses at the University, according to University of Ulster lecturer in Irish Dr Peter Smith.

Nine students out of a class of twenty were awarded First Class honours last week at the UU summer graduation ceremonies in Derry’s Millennium Forum.

Congratulating the successful students, Dr Peter Smith said they were part of a rich and unbroken scholarly tradition in the north west, a tradition which stretches back to Míchél Ó Cléirigh and the Annals of the Four Masters in the seventeenth century…”

Nova Kimralingva Kampanjo

...de icWales:

“Celebrities are encouraging adults to learn Welsh, but admit it is hard to find time when they’re working.

Simon Weston, Colin Charvis and Derek Brockway are endorsing the biggest ever campaign to encourage adults to master the language.

About 20,000 people learn Welsh each year and the Welsh Assembly’s
Welsh for Adults campaign – We’ll Bring Out The Cymraeg In You – aims to increase this further…”

Paca Dividendo por Irlandalingvo?

…de Lá Nua:

“Tá na hinstitiúidí polaitiúla ag feidhmiú in athuair ó thuaidh le dhá mhí anois tar éis dóibh a bheith ar fionraí agus siocaithe ar feadh nach mór cúig bliana.

Tá an chuma ar an bhFeidhmneannas úr go bhfuil sé ag feidhmiú mar ba chóir, agus is dócha gur féidir a rá go bhfuil mí na meala s’aige thart.

Mar sin de, tá sé in am an cheist a thógáil. Cá bhfuil díbhinn shíochána na Gaeilge? An bhfuil tásc ná tuairisc uirthi?...”

Lernanta Nokto en Galvajo

...de la Galway Advertiser:

“Conradh na Gaeilge is hosting a learners night every Wednesday for people who would like the opportunity to practise and improve their Irish language...

...The meeting takes place from 9.30 onwards in Árus na nGael, 45 Sráid Dominic. There is no cover charge to the meeting and all are welcome….”

Feis Gleann Albainn

...de la Lochaber News:

“Fort Augustus will be ringing with the sound of music as over 70 children aged between five and 16 descend on the village next week for the start of Feis Gleann Albainn summer feis...

...Feis chairman Sharon Fraser is delighted so many young people have signed up. ‘It is through the feisean movement that youngsters can develop an appreciation for traditional music and the Gaelic language and it is their enthusiasm in taking part in a host of Celtic activity that ensures our heritage is kept alive,’ she said.”

“Lingva Capelo”

…de Language Hat:

“Trevor sent me links to three interesting-looking sites, and since I'm frantically boxing books, I'm just going to throw them up here and hope somebody likes one or more of them...

...Finally, Keltalingvaj Novaĵoj has ‘Novaĵoj pri keltaj lingvoj, bretona, irlanda, kimra, kornvala, manksa, kaj skotgaela, speciale kiel ili esta parlataj kaj instuataj en Kanado kaj Usono.’ But don't worry, the actual posts aren't in Esperanto!”

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Adecco kaj Lingva Rajtoj

…de icWales:

“This time the offending instruction is said to have been issued in Cardiff, where Swiss-owned recruitment agency Adecco provides around 300 workers to the Tesco financial services centre in Llanishen.

A memo sent by Adecco to its employees – known as ‘associates’ – at the Tesco centre said,

“In accordance with Tesco policy we would like to remind associates of the need to work with professionalism at all times.

'As Tesco is a successful national company we appreciate your contribution to the business. In order for operations to run smoothly, there is a business need for English to be spoken at all times when you are at work.

“However, at break times associates may speak in their native tongue.'"

"An Chéad Chéim"

…de la Galway Independent:

“Ireland's only Irish language theatre in education company, Branar, presents An Chéad Chéim, a show designed for children of seven+ years.

An Chéad Chéim has played to almost 60 schools all over Galway city, county and the West. Branar will also tour to The Earagal Arts Festival, The Mc Craken Summer school, Belfast and An Féile Pobail in Belfast this summer. They will have a busy autumn as well touring to four children's festivals all around the country….

…An Chéad Chéim, will run at An Taibhdhearc from 27, 28 and 29 July at 3pm. Tickets, priced at ?6, are available from An Taibhdhearc on 091-563600.”

Lingvaj Rajtoj en Nord-Irlando

…de la Belfast Telegraph:

"DUP Culture Minister Edwin Poots has agreed to meet Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams over controversial proposals for an Irish Language Act, the Belfast Telegraph can reveal today.

Despite his party's opposition to the proposal, which formed part of the St Andrews negotiations, Mr Poots is to meet a delegation led by the Sinn Fein president in the next few weeks.

And against a backdrop of unionist threats to block the legislation, Mr Adams last night urged the DUP Minister to show "mature leadership" and take a "long-sighted view".

The Irish language threatens no-one. It is not compulsory. Irish language rights threaten no-one,’ the Sinn Fein leader said...

... It is thought as many as 4,000 responses have been received to the legislation, which originated with former Direct Rule Minister Maria Eagle....

...The West Belfast MP described the revival of the Irish language as ‘our country's cultural success story’ as more and more people are using Irish. ‘Young children in particular are being educated in increasing numbers through the medium of Irish and it is their future and their rights that must be secured through legislation.’"

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Kimra Kunvena Registaro kaj la Lingvo

…de la Lywodraeth Cynulliad Cymru:

“The Welsh language, spoken by over half a million people in Wales, is alive and well and moving into a new technological era. The internet is 'y we'; a website is 'gwefan'; a homepage is 'hafan'; and the Chair of the Welsh-language television channel S4C holds conversations about the Channel’s service in a live online chat room.

Microsoft has joined the Welsh technological revolution and Welsh speakers can now download software that allows users to choose Welsh or English as an interface language for Windows XP and Office 2003. A Welsh Google bar allowing users to browse Welsh-language websites has been developed by Mozilla.

Microsoft also offers a Welsh spelling and grammar checker as does the commercial specialist language software developer Omega First. Welsh company Testico has recently made available a free downloadable program to allow Welsh speakers to use 'predictive texting' in Welsh on their mobile phones. A Welsh-language version of Wikipedia is now available and April saw the launch of a new internet television channel, Siaradog.com, hosted by Welsh rapper Aneirin Karadog.

And if you don’t speak Welsh, language lessons are now also offered online on BBC Wales’s website and programs can be downloaded onto the learner’s MP3 for learning on the go.

The Welsh technological revolution is part of the Welsh Assembly Government’s vision to make Wales wholly bilingual. Almost 40% of young people in Wales are now totally fluent in both Welsh and English and it is they in particular who are driving the changes forward. Professor David Crystal of Bangor University, Wales, one of the world’s leading linguists, has recently claimed that the internet is a savior of the Welsh language. He said, ‘It doesn't matter how much activism you engage in on behalf of a language if you don't attract the teenagers, the parents of the next generation of children. And what turns teenagers on more than the internet these days? If you can get a language out there, the youngsters are much more likely to think it's cool.’"

“Polisi iaith yn 'dwp'”

…de la BBC:

"Mae rhai o ASau Llafur Cymru wedi dweud na ddylai cyhoeddiadau gorsafoedd rheilffordd fod yn Gymraeg yn gyntaf os yw'r rhan fwyaf o bobl yr ardal yn siarad Saesneg fel iaith gyntaf. Saith AS, gan gynnwys dau gyn-weinidog a dau siaradwr Cymraeg, sydd wedi dweud y byddai'n fwy synhwyrol a chyfleus i deithwyr pe bai cyhoeddiadau yn gyntaf "yn yr iaith y mae'r rhan fwya o'r boblogaeth leol yn ei siarad...

...Dywedodd Dafydd Morgan Lewis ar ran Cymdeithas yr Iaith: "Dyw'r polisi presennol ddim wedi gwneud drwg i neb. "

Mae llawer o bobl ddi-Gymraeg yn deall y cyhoeddiadau Cymraeg ac yn ymateb iddyn nhw cyn clywed yr un Saesneg.
"Does dim arwydd bod y boblogaeth leol yn unman yn gwrthwynebu'r polisi. Dylid gadael pethau fel y maen nhw".

Dywedodd Mr Bryant na ddylai ei etholwyr gredu y byddai pawb yn y Rhondda yn mynd i gael eu gorfodi i fyw eu bywydau drwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg."


...de la Irish Independent:

"Gaeltacht communities have been told they must be proactive in using Irish as the official language if it is to survive.

The Irish language organisation Conradh na Gaeilge yesterday called on business, government and church and community groups to ensure the language remains the dominant tongue in Irish-speaking communities."


...de la Irish Independent:

"The native tongue could soon be all but dead, according to a new government report. It predicts that unless trends are reversed, Irish will cease to exist as the language of home and community in Gaeltacht regions...

...But there is a considerable rump within Irish society that would not only be indifferent to this appalling vista, but actively rejoice in it. You know the sort: those cringing self-haters with who suffer from a post-colonial inferiority complex of gargantuan proportions. For these cultural Uncle Toms, anything distinctively Irish is automatically bad, anything foreign indubitably good."

Amhrán na bhFiann

...de Radio Telefís Éireann:

“An Post has issued a new stamp marking the centenary of the national anthem, Amhrán na bhFiann. The 55c stamp shows a girls' choir from Coláiste losagáin in Stillorgan, Co Dublin alongside an illustration of the national flag.
Originally written in English by Peadar Kearney in 1907, the 'Soldier's Song' was later translated into the Irish language by Liam Ó Rinn. Peadar Kearney, along with Patrick Heeney, also wrote the music.”

Monday, 16 July 2007

Profesoro Richard Blahut

…de la News-Gazette:

“'We have no technology in existence that's capable of carrying on a decent cocktail party conversation,’ University of Illinois Professor Richard Blahut said recently. Still, Blahut, who heads the UI Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, believes computers will be able to converse with us in the next decade or so…

…His explorations aren't confined to English. He speaks, to varying degrees, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Dutch, Welsh and Manx Gaelic, spoken on the Isle of Man. He also is familiar with "dead" languages such as Old English, Old Icelandic, Greek, Latin, Ancient Egyptian and Classical Chinese. He's learning Kannada, a South Indian language.”

Steffan Cravos

...Lá Nua:

"D’éirigh an feachtas ar son Acht nua Teanga don Bhreatain Bheag ní ba theasaí thar an deireadh seachtaine nuair a gabhadh iar-Chathaoirleach Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg le linn agóide i mbaile Porthmadog. Bhí breis agus 150 duine i láthair Dé Sathairn ag léirsiú a d’eagraigh Cumann na Breatnaise taobh amuigh d’ollmhargadh Tesco sa bhaile tuaisceartach chun cur i gcoinne pholasaí an tsiopa gan comharthaí ná seirbhísí Breatnaise a sholáthar don phobal.

Rinne na hagóideoirí imshuí ag doras an ollmhargaidh agus thóg na péas Steffan Cravos, iar-Chathaoirleach an Chumainn, as póstaeir - a thug le fios go raibh Tesco druidte don lá - a chur ar na fuinneoga."



"Simon Miller's shoestring budget feature made in Gaelic language Seachd: The Inaccessible Pinnacle is to premier at Edinburgh IFF and will be in contention for the Michael Powell Award."



“Brasparts, France - Druids, or priests in the ancient Celtic tradition, began on Sunday their annual meeting in the northern French region of Brittany by re-enacting the legend of King Arthur's magic sword.

The Druids entered the venue at Brasparts to a swirl of Breton bagpipes and held up Breton flags and pennants for the annual ceremony, conducted in the local language”

“Looking for Jimmy”

...de Catholic.org:

"The author views the potato famine as one of the greatest disasters to strike Europe in its long history. The indifference of an alien administration only added to the suffering of the poor tenant class, who died by the thousands from hunger and disease. The ancient clan system was shattered and the Gaelic language, perhaps the oldest vernacular in Europe, was abandoned."


...de la Guardian:

“Last month saw the appearance of a new journal called Archipelago, with which I have been involved. It was conceived of and is edited by the poet Andrew McNeillie, and its original aims were to provide a home for the new archipelagic art, and to inspire and embody a return to the land - and seascapes - of these islands. It is impressively rangy in terms of form (reportage, criticism, poetry, photographs and artwork) and language (English, Welsh, Gaelic, Russian and Anglo-Saxon).”

An Ghaeltacht

...de la Globe & Mail:

"Ahead of me lies the Gaeltacht, the celebrated region of western Ireland where the last 20,000 diehard speakers of Gaelic live. It was a poor land once and is a poor land still. Just before the Potato Famine, 160 years ago, four million Irish spoke Gaelic, a poetic language that far predates English. Life was harsh and families large. With the men and older boys often away in the coal mines and factories of industrializing Britain, it was the women who tended the blighted potato fields and fought the landlords' agents."

Friday, 13 July 2007

“Pádraic Ó Conaire – An Fear”

…de Lá Nua :

“Diarmuid de Faoite, i bpáirt Shean-Pháraic, a bheidh le feiceáil sa scannán, Pádraic Ó Conaire – An Fear, a bheidh á thaispeáint ag Fleadh Scannán na Gaillimhe, inniu...”

Libroj per kaj pli Pádraic Ó Conaire estas disponebla de litriocht.com.

Instrui Kimram

...de New Wales:

"Denbighshire primary school teacher Janet Elizabeth Wynne is at the vanguard of a drive to boost the numbers of people teaching through the medium of Welsh.

The mum of two is among the first in the country to complete an intensive course aimed at encouraging teachers, lecturers and work-based learning training provid
ers to use Welsh professionally."