Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Lingvaj Rajtoj en Nord-Irlando

…de la Belfast Telegraph:

"DUP Culture Minister Edwin Poots has agreed to meet Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams over controversial proposals for an Irish Language Act, the Belfast Telegraph can reveal today.

Despite his party's opposition to the proposal, which formed part of the St Andrews negotiations, Mr Poots is to meet a delegation led by the Sinn Fein president in the next few weeks.

And against a backdrop of unionist threats to block the legislation, Mr Adams last night urged the DUP Minister to show "mature leadership" and take a "long-sighted view".

The Irish language threatens no-one. It is not compulsory. Irish language rights threaten no-one,’ the Sinn Fein leader said...

... It is thought as many as 4,000 responses have been received to the legislation, which originated with former Direct Rule Minister Maria Eagle....

...The West Belfast MP described the revival of the Irish language as ‘our country's cultural success story’ as more and more people are using Irish. ‘Young children in particular are being educated in increasing numbers through the medium of Irish and it is their future and their rights that must be secured through legislation.’"

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