Thursday, 26 July 2007

“Politika Varmega Terpomo”?

…de la BBC:

“The Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams is to demand an Irish language act when he meets the Culture Minister Edwin Poots.

Mr Adams said he personally negotiated the Act at St Andrew's in talks with the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State. Now that Tony Blair and Peter Hain have moved on, the issue has fallen into the lap of the DUP minister. And Mr Adams had this message for Mr Poots: "There will be an Irish language Act, and it will be a strong Irish language act. The only question of course is when we will have it."... .

David McNarry, an Ulster Unionist MLA who sits on the Culture Arts and Leisure Committee, said the Irish Language Act was "a political hot potato". And he doesn't see the legislation getting backing from unionists in the assembly...

...He said his department would adhere to its responsibilities but pointed out there were alternatives to legislation. He said this would be a matter for discussion and debate.

The second consultation has yielded a remarkable 11,000 responses.

The department is sifting through these, said to be varied, and the situation should become clearer by the Autumn."

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