Friday, 20 July 2007

Daithí Mac Cárthaigh la Meath Chronicle:

"President of Conradh na Gaeilge, the voluntary national language promotion body, Daithí Mac Cárthaigh, his wife Róisín and their three young children have just taken up residence in their new Ráth Cairn home where the children are attending Scoil Uí Gramhnaigh.

They are among the latest Irish-speaking families welcomed into the county’s main Gaeltacht district through the Comharchumann’s development of sites for them as well as local families...

...He believes that the language will endure there and suggests that the weaker Gibbstown Gaeltacht might yet recover if sufficient locals can be encouraged to use it. 'But eventually, it is the choice of local people, no matter what measures are put in place.'...

...He is busily canvassing the 1,400 NUI voters in the county, who must have their Senate votes in the post by this weekend as voting closes next Tuesday (24th). He is running as an independent. 'If you want to run for a political party, stand for the Dáil,' he says, pointing to his priorities in education, disability, taxation and foreign policy. His firm message to local graduates, however, is 'make sure to vote - or ensure right now that you get a ballot paper next time'".

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