Wednesday, 2 June 2010

FilmG 2010

…de For Argyll:

And what a place to launch this year’s 3-5 minute short Gaelic films competitions for young people and for adults.

It was in Strontian – at Ardnamurchan High School in the Ardnamurchan peninsula, at the inward end of the long penetration of Loch Sunart from the Sound of Mull- literally a world of its own.

The launch saw BBC ALBA presenters, Fiona MacKenzie and Calum MacAulay, join pupils of Ardnamurchan and Mallaig High Schools in an afternoon of celebration. The Ardnamurchan pupils took the upper hand in FilmG 2009, winning the Best Film award in the Young People’s category.

The theme for the 2010 FilmG competition – the third since its inception – is The Upper Hand / Làmh an Uachdar. What you make of that will determine how you do in the contest...

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