Tuesday, 12 August 2008


…de Reseller News:

...How many other languages does Google use? Maori is the latest in quite a long line – there are 117 languages currently listed that can be used for the homepage; 118 after you include Maori. Everything from Afrikaans to Zulu, Breton to Welsh, even Klingon and Twi (!). Some, though, look a bit suspect. There’s Elmer Fudd, Pig Latin, Hacker and Bork Bork Bork!, for example. (There are people with way too much time on their hands!)

The Maori version isn’t one of them. I’m not sure if anything has been linguistically created to fit the Google model, but that’s hardly the point. It will be a valuable addition to the language. In fact, it looks like everyone involved has done a fine job. Congratulations. It’s a significant boost for the language and, for those Te Reo-challenged people like me, it certainly makes it a fun and interesting challenge...

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