Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Seán Mistéil

…de la Irlanda-Amerika Unueca Konferenco:

Irish language activist Seán Mistéil is a featured speaker at this year's IAUC conference….

Seán Mistéil was born in Belfast in 1964 and raised in Gaeltacht Bhóthar Seoighe, an Irish language speaking community that began as a ’what if?’ among a small group of young Irish speakers and learners and forty years later has become a ’can do’ movement encompassing nursery, elementary and high schools, social clubs, small and large businesses, industries, book stores, shops, cafés, record stores and more.

The pulse of the city’s Irish Language revival movement is taken from here: it is the Mayflower of contemporary Gaelic culture in the North of Ireland. Seán’s personal background gives him a unique set of qualifications.

Brought up in a bilingual environment, he enjoys and participates fully in both sides of his cultural heritage, and became aware at an early age of the important role played by different codes and conventions in the business of communication.

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