Monday, 9 November 2009

CultureFest na Gaeilge

The Long Island Film Festival (LIFF) continues as Long Island's original and longest running competitive film festival, now celebrating its 26th edition. Founded by Christopher Cooke with the goal to provide a public forum to screen independently produced films and videos in addition to giving out achievement awards, including media attention to the region's student and professional talent pool. Another goal was to further promote Long Island as a location for the production of feature films, documentaries, commercials, and industrial film and videos…..

…The LIFF continues this year programming a festival-within-a-festival titled CultureFest na Gaeilge USA. This phenomenon was founded by Leik in 2005 as an expression of interest in his own heritage, and an exploration of the language of his ancestors. CultureFest na Gaeilge USA is a unique concept in that it's the first North American Irish language cultural festival of its kind to present a lineup of the visual and performing arts strictly in the Irish language. Although all presentations are in the Irish language, they can be first briefly introduced in English...

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