Wednesday, 4 November 2009

“Leprekona Lingvo”*

…de Glór Traidisiúnta Aontachtach:

“The revelation that spending on Irish translation increased by more than 350% in the Department of Education over the last year will shock many – and not just Unionists...

“While the Minister is happy to squander money on a dead language in order to promote her own narrow political agenda, thousands of parents and pupils are left in a state of anxiety as the transfer system has descended to state of unregulated chaos. This is nothing short of outrageous, and I would respectfully suggest that the Minister employ more time, effort and budget towards finding a resolution to the current calamity, which she has brought to bear on our prized Education System.

“It seems that Minister Ruane is more concerned about using her Ministerial position to further her own narrow Republican agenda by wasting departmental money on Irish than the future of Ulster’s children”.

* Aistríodh "Leprechaun" go "Irish" ar an suíomh Glór Traidisiúnta Aontachtach inniú. / "Leprechaun" estis ŝanĝita al "Irish" en la TUV retejo hodiaŭ.

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