Tuesday, 8 December 2009

CLG, Irlandalingva Centro kaj Respublikismo

...de la blogo, The Minister’s Pen, de Nelson Mc Causland, MLA:

On Sunday 6 December there was a series of events in Londonderry to mark the 25th anniversary of the deaths of four IRA men.

On 2 December 1984 Ciaran Fleming and Anthony MacBride, who was a member of the Irish Army as well as the IRA, planted a landmine near Kesh in county Fermanagh. A hoax call was made to lure the British Army into the area and three armed IRA terrorists lay in wait but the mine failed to explode and MacBride was shot by the SAS. Another IRA member, Ciaran Fleming, drowned in the Bannagh River while trying to escape.

Two more IRA men, Willie Fleming and Danny Doherty, were shot on 6 December 1984 by the SAS as they were going into the grounds of Gransha Psychiatric Hospital in Londonderry, where they planned to murder an off-duty member of the UDR….
Once again various forms of Gaelic culture have been aligned with militant Irish republicanism. The main county GAA pitch, which is owned by the Derry County Board, was used to host a Gaelic football match commemorating four IRA men and a new Irish language centre was the location for a commemorative lecture and exhibition. Is it any wonder that unionists do not feel any affinity with either the Irish language or the GAA?

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