Tuesday, 15 December 2009

“Nollick Ghennal!”

…de Isle of Man Today:

Manx language officer Adrian Cain has teamed up with the Examiner to help out with festive greetings in Manx.

Bannaghtyn y Nollick Seasonal Greetings

Nollick Ghennal Happy Christmas

Nollick Ghennal as Blein Vie Noa Happy Christmas and a Good New Year

Bannaghtyn Blessings/greetings

Lesh yeearreeyn share With best wishes

Lesh yeearreeyn share son y Nollick as y Vlein Noa With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year

Lesh yeearreeyn share ec yn imbagh casherick shoh With best wishes at this holy season

Shee as Boggey erriu Peace and joy to you

Lesh Shee as Graih With peace and love

Hee'm oo 'sy vlein noa See you in the New Year

Shee erriu car ny bleeaney shoh çheet Peace to you throughout the coming year…

* Bildo de Ynsee Gaelg.