Wednesday, 19 November 2008

"Telya Tor" aŭ "Tir Teylu"? la This is Cornwall:

Town councillors in St Ives have rejected a Cornish-language street name in favour of one made up by schoolchildren after struggling to pronounce the correct version.

Members were asked to formally adopt the name Telya Tor for an under-construction housing development in Carbis Bay after a competition at a nearby primary school.

But when asked to confirm the spelling, Cornish language experts ruled the translation of 'family land' as incorrect.

Official keepers of the Cornish tongue, the Cornish Language Partnership, said the sign should read Tir Teylu.

But after a series of tongue-twisting exchanges, which saw councillors struggling to pronounce both names, members decided to endorse the original incorrect version...

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