Friday, 4 September 2009

Haywood: La Korvala “ne estas vivanta lingvo

…de MercoPress:

Governor designate Nigel Haywood* will hit the ground running – literally – when he takes up his new post in September next year.

And the career diplomat, a keen marathon runner and fly fisherman, says he is well prepared for the country’s notoriously fickle climate…..

…Mr Haywood said he was eager to immerse himself in the Falklands community….

…“Some fascinating things have been written about me, but not all of them are true,” he said. “I am a Cornish bard, but none of this is to say I speak the language. No one speaks Cornish as such. It is not a living language.” …

..Office of the Governor
..Government House,
..Stanley, FIQQ 1ZZ
..Islas Malvinas


mickpaynter said...

Pur drist en vy dhe redya an pyth a leveris agan bardh ni Nigel Hayward adro dh'agan yeth ni hag yn kever fowt an gowsoryon anedhi.
Kales yw ragov dhe gonvedhes fatel dheuth ha bones kammaswonvos a'n par na hag yn arbennik a dhiworth esel agan Gorsedh ni.
Yn sur Kernewek yeth byghan yw mes nyns eus edhomm hi dhe vos ynkleudhyas hwath ha hi owth anella hag yn krev. Yma neb y'gan niver a wodhva kewsel Kernewek adhia aga herens hag y krysir bos ogas ha mil person a yll keskewsel y'n tavas. Tus a wra argya adro an niverow mes ny vern nyns yw agan yeth ni na marow nag ow koska ha pur drist on ni hevelir a grys ena onan agan gowetha ni. Martesen nyns yw moy es leverans loes. Skogynn Pryv
Bardh Meur Gorsedh Kernow
I was very sad to read what our bard Nigel Hayward was saying about our language and it's lack of speakers.
It's hard for me to comprehend how such a misapprehension could come about especially from a member of our own Gorsedd.
Cornish is certainly a small language but there's no need for it to be buried while it is still breathing and so strongly . There are some in our number who learnt to speak Cornish from their parents and it's believed there are about a thousand people who can converse in the language. People will argue over the numbers but that doesn't matter our language is neither dead nor sleeping and we are very sad that it seems that one of our friends believes it.Perhaps it's no more than idle talk.


Daithí said...

Laŭ antaŭe artikolo en la sama ĵurnalo, Haywood parolas Kornvalan. Tamen, en la intervjuo li diras ke li ne. Ĉi tiu estas "instruada momento", sendube. Dankon por la Kornvala!

Dar le alt níos luath sa nuacht céanna, tá Coirnis ag Haywood. Ach san agallamh, deir sé nach bhfuil. Seo "móimint teagaisc", gan amhras.
Buíochas as ucht na Coirnise!

According to an earlier article in the same newspaper, Haywood speaks Cornish. However, in the interview he says that he doesn't.
This is a "teaching moment", undoubtedly. Thanks for the Cornish!

mickpaynter said...

Nigel Haywood re skrifas dhymm adro dhe'n leverans devynys ma esa pryntyes heb kettestenn vydh. Ev re skrifas, " My a gar an taves Kernewek ha my a studhyas an yeth hengovek dres pedar blydhen, yth esa Derivadow Unesco yn kever Tavosow yn Peryll a dheklaryas bos Kernewek Hengovek gyllys glan, byttegens ny hyllir bos leverys an keth adro dhe'n KERNEWEK DASSERGHYS hag y hevelir yma hi niver hi ow tevi yn sad. Yma lies den ha benyn owth oberi yn krev dasserghi an Taves Kernewek delleveris vy dhis hudol yw ha teg lowr. Hi a waynyas gre yn dann an Chartour Ewropek rag Yethow an Ranndiryow ha Byghan yn dhe 2002. Ow foynt vy yn sympel o nyns esa le vydh oll ragov yn argerdh an dasserghyans. Ytho ha Kernewek Hengovel ow merwel y'n 18ves kansvlydhen ha nyns esa ranndir ha Kernewek kewsys ena ages an Gaeltacht yn Iwerdhon po nebes tiredh yn Kembra nyns yw henna an hwedhel yn tien" Nigel Haywood has written to me about the reported statement which was printed without any context at all. He wrote" I love the Cornish language an I studied the traditional language for four years, it was the Unesco report about endangered laguages which declared Traditional Cornish extinct, but the same cannot be said for REVIVED CORNISH whose numbers seem to be contantly growing.There are a lot of people working hard to revive the Cornish language, which, as I said to you, is fascinating and quite beautiful. It gained status under the European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages in 2002. My point was, simply, that I do not have any role in the revival process. So while Cornish died out in the 18th Century, and there are no areas of Cornish speaking comparable with eg the Gaeltacht for Irish, or large parts of Wales for Welsh, that's not the whole story!"

mick paynter
skogynn pryv
bardh meur
gorsedh kernow