Sunday, 4 January 2009

Cnoc Mhuire kaj la Irlandalingvo la Times of London:

On August 21, 1879, in a poor and remote village in Mayo, about a dozen people saw a bright light outside the gable of the local Catholic church and within it figures of the Virgin Mary, St Joseph and St John. The apparition persisted for several hours, though the life-size figures neither spoke nor moved.

A subsequent investigation by a panel of priests concluded that testimony given by local people about the apparition was acceptable, and nowadays Knock is one of the leading Marian shrines in the world, drawing about 1.5m visitors a year...

...The local priests, Frs Cavanagh and Bourke, successfully monopolised presentation of the apparition in the wider media. Practically all the early news reporters relied on the co-operation of these priests and interviewed people they selected. What was left out of the press reports — and what reporters were incapable of discovering due to their ignorance of the Irish language — was the traditional idiom of Virgin appearances as commentary on the role of priests.
["Li montris forton per Sia brako, Li dispelis fierulojn en la penso de ilia koro. Li malaltigis potenculojn de iliaj tronoj, Kaj Li altigis humilulojn. Malsatulojn Li plenigis per bonajxo, Kaj ricxulojn Li forsendis malplenaj." ~ Luko 1: 51-53.]

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