Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Gregory Campbell

…de la Derry Journal:

The DUP's Gregory Campbell has called for a picture of him wearing a Nazi uniform to be removed immediately from a Sinn Fein website.

The article appears on the website of the Sinn Fein youth organisation, Ogra Shinn Fein, and shows a photograph altered to depict the head of the DUP man super-imposed on the body of Joseph Goebbels - one of history's most reviled figures….

…Sinn Fein MLA Barry McElduff said his party would be discussing the issue later today (Wednesday).
"If he has sensitivities, if he has taken issue with something, out of respect I will convey that to other Sinn Féin people when I meet them today," he said.

"Gregory has shown a lack of respect, and even intolerance, towards the Irish language and Irish culture, which is regrettable on the part of the Minister of Culture."...

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