Sunday, 4 January 2009

Kimralingva en la Bordo Lazura la Riviera Reporter:

As anyone who travels widely soon realises, the Irish and the Scots have emigrated to every part of the world. But not the Welsh. The historic exception, as Penelope Fillon reminded me, was the move of a sizeable group from Wales to Patagonia in southern Argentina in the latter half of the nineteenth century. They quit their homeland – as their descendants’ website says – “to escape the attempt of the English to impose their culture”. Visitors today find “Welsh chapels and tea houses”, male voice choirs and still some speaking of the language...

...Nigel McLaren, born in London, went to university in Wales and then worked there for twenty years. “I’m certainly an adoptive Welshman – very much under the influence with a wife and four daughters who speak the language.

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