Friday, 18 July 2008

Gregory Campbell la Londonderry Sentinel:

The Minister for Culture Arts and Leisure, Gregory Campbell, has vowed that Ulster Scots and Irish cultural outlooks will receive parity of funding while he is in office - whether people like it or not.

In a frank interview with The Sentinel, Mr Campbell, said not only was it his objective to treat everyone equally, but it was his ambition to eliminate disparity.

Asked to comment on his stance over the Irish language Act now that he was the Minister in charge, Mr Campbell said: "There still appears to be some misunderstanding around this issue.
"It was the St Andrews Agreement just over 15 months ago, where the British Government talked to Sinn Fein about the implementation of the Irish Language Act.

"Neither Sinn Fein, the British Government, mentioned the possibility of an Irish Language Act to us...

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