Friday, 25 July 2008

Yn-Chruinnaght Isle of Man Today:


The word is Manx for 'wonderful' and is an apt description of the 30th annual Yn Chruinnaght inter-Celtic festival.

From the lighting of the bonfire on Ramsey's south shore last Wednesday night to the sell-out concert by Scottish folk legends Deaf Shepherd and the Celtic Fiddlers from Newfoundland in the Centenary Centre, Peel, on Sunday night.

John Kaneen, in the role of the sea god Manannan, lit the bonfire which cheered an otherwise damp evening. The arrival on the shore of a traditional Norwegian boat bearing Yn Chruinnaght president Fenella Bazin added to the atmosphere...

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MMan said...

No mention of King Chiaullee.

Or Emma Christian.

Were they not there?