Friday, 18 July 2008

Kampa Fajro The Telegraph:

And, along with the promise of witnessing an event that, though once widespread, occurs now only in Cornwall, it is this remoteness that brings me here.

"Here" turns out to be between Penzance and Zennor in a field near the hamlet of Boswarthen, which is, itself, just off an isolated road north of Madron. Despite the abundance of place names, I am bang-slap in the middle of nowhere.

I'm here for a bonfire - a midsummer's eve bonfire on a hill overlooking Mount's Bay - one of at least half a dozen such events arranged by Old Cornwall societies.

The guiding principle of these societies is to keep old customs alive for the next generation - a process of ''gathering the fragments" of Cornish culture, language and traditions that has grown in popularity over the years...

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