Monday, 21 July 2008

Sri-Lanka Ekspozicio LankaWeb:

Recently (19th July, 2008) the pro-LTTE diaspora held a photo exhibition titled “60 years of Oppression of Tamils in Sri Lanka” to the British MP’s. It is highly unlikely that the diaspora would ever hold a public lecture such as “The Benefits of Free Education of Sri Lanka” and tell the world about the great C.W.W. Kannangara’s concept of Free Education which allowed countless diaspora members to become doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants and graduates. These qualifications funded by taxpayers money of Sri Lanka would have undoubtedly given them the vital points (along with bogus refugee claims) to gain permanent residence in western countries.

Choosing Britain, a country which defines the term “double standards” as the host country is also highly appropriate. The term “Celtic Fringe” was used by the English to derogate the regions of Celtic minorities (Scots, Irish and Welsh). The Irish are the prime example of English mistreatment and persecution of minorities.

Even today anti-Irish sentiment is strong, a relict of the war against the Irish people which included linguicide (systematic destruction of language) of Irish Gaelic by banning its use in schools until 1871 and through sycophant politicians like Daniel O'Connell who denigrated his own mother tongue as “backward” and advocated the use of English (I guess this concept sounds very familiar among many Kalu-Suddhas as well!). It was only the Gaelic Revival Movement (akin to the Helabasa movement of the great Munidasa Kumaranathunga) that saved Irish Gaelic from extinction…

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