Thursday, 10 July 2008

Kornvala Emblemo

…de This is Cornwall:

As tempers flare in Cornwall over the logo for the new super council, the county's Grand Bard has joined the opposition.

Vanessa Beeman wrote a letter to council leader David Whalley expressing her fears that some people felt they were being stripped of their identity and has called for the interim executive to reconsider its decision…

… Mrs Beeman continued: "We strongly assert that, as the Cornish language has been recognised by the Council of Europe, and its future development is funded by the British Government, and it is clearly and widely identified with modern Cornwall, that any marque of any public sector body with specific responsibilities for Cornwall should be using Kernewek (the Cornish language) in its insignia and, in appropriate ways, in its communications, promotions and presentations of Cornwall….

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