Tuesday, 6 April 2010


...de la Evening Telegraph:

Scotland's biggest city is launching its "vision" to boost the use of Gaelic in the community.

The three-year action plan for Glasgow includes the opening of a second Gaelic school in the city.

Wider use of Gaelic on council signs and in relevant council communications including forms, press releases and letters is also planned.

Local authorities now have a statutory obligation to prepare a Gaelic Language Plan under the Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act 2005.

Glasgow City Councillor Aileen Colleran said: "We have a vision for Gaelic in our city and this plan sets it out.

"By 2020, the place of Gaelic will be obvious to all. We'll see it around us - in our buildings, on our streets and in our shops - we'll hear it in conversations, in our schools and in the media.
Our young people will be speaking it in Buchanan Street without feeling self conscious about it and people will recognise the language as Gaelic."...

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