Friday, 9 April 2010

"Mums of Looe"

….de la Western Morning News:

A campaign to make all signs at National Trust sites in Cornwall bilingual has received fresh backing.

The Kernow branch of the Celtic League has asked the trust to follow in the footsteps of Cornwall Council and English Heritage and display signs in both English and Cornish.

But the National Trust (NT) argues that the signs would have to be bigger to accommodate both languages, making them more unsightly and more expensive to manufacture.

Now a family group has backed the Celtic League's campaign, saying "the Cornish language is part of the history of Cornwall and should be preserved just like any other part of history".

Mums of Looe group wrote to the League following an appeal for support from the branch to introduce a resolution at the NT's annual general assembly this year.

Mums of Looe founder Katrina Ring, highlighted in a letter to the group the benefits of learning an additional language while still at school. Children at a primary school in the East Cornwall town have recently started learning the language...

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