Wednesday, 7 April 2010

An Muileann gCearr

…de la Westmeath Examiner:

Irish language signs could be the key to improving tourism and business across the Mullingar area councillors agreed at a meeting of Mullingar Town Council.

It was Cllr. Pat Collins who raised the need to upgrade signage on Mullingar streets and housing estates, suggesting that outdated signs could be replaced with bi-lingual ones.

Signs which were erected nearly twenty years ago have greatly deteriorated he said, pointing out the Mullingar Business Park as one of the more obvious areas for an overhaul, which is much needed for business generation.

Some of the housing states have no signage what-so-ever, he added.

While Cllr. Collins said he knew finance was a main factor in considering such a facelift, he asked that money be found from somewhere:

"There might even be a few bob if we went down the bilingual route," said Cllr. Collins.

Cllrs. Ken Glynn, Mick Dollard and Aidan Davitt all agreed with Collin's motion, with Cllr. Glynn saying the Council owed it to the buisness community of Mullingar to have better signage...

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