Monday, 5 April 2010

Unuo Esperanto-Libro en Kimra la BBC:

Harry Barron has published the first Esperanto text book in the Welsh language. In March 2010 he told us more about his labour of love.

Ever tried to learn a foreign language and got your head in a mess over conjugations, declensions and idioms?

Or even tried to learn Welsh but almost mutated working out those soft, nasal and aspirant mutations?

Gone abroad, spoke loudly and slowly at waiters and got just what you didn't ask for?

Frustrating, isn't it?

Well it was until now, at least for Welsh speakers! It has been demonstrated in various studies that learning Esperanto can improve your language learning abilities!

The first ever
text book in Welsh designed to teach the international language Esperanto has just been published....

* Informoj pri la okazonta Esperanto Kongreso en Llandudno (14-17 Majo) estas havebla ĉi tie. La tagordo inkluzivas enkondukon la kimran lingvon.

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