Monday, 5 October 2009

€973.68 por Unu Libro?

…de la Sunday Times:

Five Irish-language authors who received €74,000 in total from the Arts Council last year have sold only 76 books between them since 1998 — 70 of which were sold by just one of the writers.

According to official industry data, Padraig Standun*, who received a bursary of €10,000, accounted for the lion’s share of the sales, while Darach O Scolai, who was awarded €30,000 in grants over two years, clocked up six.

This means that Padraig O Gallachoir, who was granted €20,000 over two years, Ailbhe Ni Ghearbhuigh, who got €9,000, and Aifric Mac Aodha, who received €5,000, all appeared not to sell any books.

However, Nielsen BookScan, which monitors book sales and claims 90% accuracy, said that works by Standun, O Scolai and the three other authors could have been sold at independent bookshops or in such small quantities that they did not register with it...

* Tá Club Leabhar Nua Eabhrac ag léamh Sobalsaol le Pádraig Standún faoi lathair. / .Club Leabhar Nua Eabhrac estas aktuale leganta Sobalsaol de Pádraig Standún.

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