Thursday, 22 October 2009

George Sorial

….de STV:

Donald Trump’s right hand man is learning Gaelic from a celebrated Scots singer through her Twitter page.

George Sorial, Managing Director of The Trump Organisation, has joined the army of people interested in the traditional Scottish language through the daily ‘Tweets’ from Gaelic singer Fiona J. Mackenzie.

Fiona has been posting several short lessons on her site (under the twitter name Gaelicsinger) every day that are read and learnt by over 700 people from all over the world.

Mr Sorial said: “Gaelicsinger’s daily Gaelic Tweets take me back to my childhood summers spent at my Grannie’s home on the Hebridean island of Lewis where I heard Gaelic every day.

“I don’t get to hear it very often in NYC so the Tweets are an ideal, quick way for me to keep in touch with the culture of my youth and it’s great to hear the accent – and the music - on the actual podcasts on her website.”...

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