Monday, 12 October 2009

Hillary Clinton

…de The Scotsman:

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton last night threw her weight behind calls for the Northern Ireland Assembly to take responsibility for running the region's justice system.

Mrs Clinton arrived in Dublin ahead of talks with political leaders in Belfast today on the economy and on the devolution of further powers from Westminster…

Mrs Clinton said: "Clearly, there are questions and some apprehensions but I believe that, due to the concerted effort of the British government, Irish government and support of friends like us in the US, that the parties understand this is a step they must take together."It will take the leaders of both communities working together to continue not only the devolution but then to make day-to-day governing a reality."


.Hon. Hillary Rodham Clinton
.U.S. Department of State
.2201 C Street NW
.Washington, DC 20520
.Stáit Aotaithe Mhéiriceá

.Domhnall Ó Ruanaigh, Uas.
.Ambasáid na Stát Aontaithe Mheiriceá
.Droichead na Dothra
.Baile Átha Cliath 4

.Kamala S. Lakhdhir, Uas.
.Ard-Chonsalacht na Stát Aontaithe Mheiriceá
.Teach Dúin na Lochlannach
.223 Bóthar an tSrutháin Mhilis
.Béal Feirste BT9 5GR
.Northern Ireland

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