Thursday, 29 October 2009 Inside Ireland:

Tom Fitzgerald, Litriocht’s owner, has spent 10 years challenging the status quo of the Irish language business. Back in 1999, ecommerce websites were unknown in most of Ireland, let alone in the Irish language business. Even was in its infancy with only four years in business.

Tom saw ecommerce as a long term opportunity. “I knew the market was there. I had been trying to buy Irish books in California as far back as 1980 and it wasn’t easy. I also knew that the market was in the Diaspora, and when I spoke to Bord na Gaeilge in 1999, they were totally unaware either the diaspora market or ecommerce as a route to get there.”

As Amazon became a big story in the following five years, became known as ' na Gaeilge'.

With very poor broadband in Ireland, the US remained Litriocht’s top market for several years. Perhaps more interesting was the fact that Finland held the Number 2 position for quite a long period of time. Very loyal customers like Panu Hoglund in Finland were delighted with the choices at Litriocht....

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