Thursday, 6 December 2007

Britonaj Lingvoj This is South Wales:

It is ironic that the Welsh are not represented on the Union Flag, which is a combination of the crosses of St George, who never left the Middle East, St Andrew, who never left the Middle East either, and St Patrick, a Welsh-speaker who took Christianity to Ireland.The truth is that the Welsh are the original British, who also inhabited England and most of Scotland for 1,000 years before the English came from Germany and the Scots from Ireland in the 5th Century.

When Hadrian built his wall, he split Welsh speaker from Welsh speaker.

The English and Scots were not even in Britain!

The oldest existing Welsh poetry was composed in the Welsh-speaking kingdom of Gododdin around Din Eidin, now Edinburgh, circa AD 600.

The Parliamentary Prayer Book Act of 1661 refers to the Welsh or British language.

Welsh is still officially the British language because no Act of Parliament has ever changed it.

The English and Scots did not even become "British" until they hijacked the term upon union of England and Scotland in 1707. The only British before 1707 were the Welsh and their Cornish cousins! No wonder the tercentenary of the union has been kept quiet.

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