Monday, 31 December 2007

Mary Hanafin la Irish Independent:

Eduacation Minister Mary Hanafin is on a collision course with Irish-language schools as they step up their campaign for the option of teaching completely through Irish for a child's first year in school.

Fresh from the water charges debacle, the minister is facing the wrath of teachers in the country's 135 Irish-language primary schools as her attempts to impose changes are being met with resistance.

The department wants a minimum of two-and-a-half hours of English a week to be taught in the first year at all-Irish schools, while the Gaelscoileanna are seeking total early immersion in the first year.

However, the directive, which was due to come into effect when schools re-open next week, is on hold, pending the outcome of a judicial review.


Darren J. Prior said...

I agree with the Minister on this.

The official Irish language activist movement is not strong enough to fight on this issue. The respect the views of people in favour of total immersion however the tactics of Gaelscoileanna Teo. (see link) are just ludicrous.

Darren J. Prior said...

"The respect"

I respect.