Monday, 31 December 2007

Pól Ó'Muirí la Belfast Telegraph:

The Second Mysterious Conversion of Advent occurred when the North/South Ministerial Council appointed a number of the great and the good to the cross-border implementation bodies in the run-up to Christmas. Such was the feeling of good cheer that even the DUP managed to appoint two people to the board of the 'all-Ireland' Irish-language body, Foras na Gaeilge.

Admittedly, one does not immediately think of the DUP as being well-disposed towards North/South bodies or the Irish language. What a cheery thought to know that they have shown such civic spirit and have found it in their hearts to support and promote Irish and that the good people of Donegal, Ballymena, Belfast and Dublin are all united in their Irishness.

No more will the DUP-ers talk of the ghastly Gaelic. From now on, it is Irish for Every One. Surely it can only be a matter of time before the First Minister uses a few words of Irish in his Stormont speeches. (I am available at a very reasonable rate for speech writing!)

Regrettably, the DUP's good work seems to have been overlooked in the flurry of Christmas cards. (Not so much Silent Night as Silent Press Releases.) However, I could not let the old year pass without acknowledging the DUP-ers' cultural largesse.

Well done and a Happy New Year, or as people in the DUP might say: Bliain Ur Faoi Mhaise.

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Darren J. Prior said...

Who did the DUP appoint?