Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Enmigrado al Bretonio Agence France-Presse:

In 2005 anger among local people boiled over at a heated demonstration in the central Breton village of Bourbriac. The protest was organised by a group called 'A-Stroll' (meaning "together" in the Breton language), which complained that property prices had been pushed up by buyers from outside the region, "at a time when Breton people are finding it hard to find somewhere to live."

At the time the protest was widely reported as an anti-English demonstration, an accusation one of A-Stroll's founders, Guillaume Bricaud, strongly denies.

"We folded A-Stroll after the media frenzy that surrounded Bourbriac. Being called a xenophobe is very hurtful," he said.

Bricaud said he was involved in a "class struggle", and had no particular animosity towards English people. He and his fellow militants were protesting against the practice of people coming to Brittany and buying holiday homes, which often remained empty for much of the year.

"Inland there are more English people, but on the coast the problem is French people from Paris," he said.

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