Tuesday, 6 May 2008

An Taoiseach kaj tha Heid Männystèr

...de la BBC:

It was a day of symbolism on many levels at Oldbridge in County Meath.

It was a ceremony few could have imagined 11 years ago, when Bertie Ahern first took office as taoiseach.

But on Tuesday, in blazing sunshine, Fianna Fáil faithful invited by Ahern rubbed shoulders with members of the Orange Order in full regalia, to see the taoiseach in his last day of office open a new visitor centre at the site of the Battle of the Boyne with Stormont First Minister Ian Paisley...
...As they lined up, one of those bedecked in Orange regalia greeted Ahern in the Irish language, who returned the greeting.

Orangemen speaking Irish at the Boyne to an Irish taoiseach could not have been imagined in the recent past, a snapshot of shared culture which both Ahern and Paisley would hope they have helped forge, as well as a peace they would want to be their lasting political legacy.

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