Friday, 23 May 2008

Faoi Dheireadh Thiar

…de la Galway Advertiser:

He is the man in the shop in Ros na Rún on TG 4 — Peadar. In the telephone book he adds after his name that he is a plasterer. He is all of that. And last week he won the overall Galway County Council Arts Award.

These awards come under the umbrella of the arts section of Galway County Council. They could not have chosen a more worthy winner than Joe Steve Ó Neachtain from Cré Dhubh in Spiddal...

… all the more credit to him for his latest play which has brought “rave” reviews — from the people of his native Connemara and far further afield. It is called Faoi Dheireadh Thiar.
Roughly translated that means ‘At the Very End’, or maybe ‘At Journey’s End’. It is set in a nursing home late into Christmas Eve. There are many comical events that take place but the play itself is a poignant reminder of how youth and independence can ebb away… and the reactions of country people to the ebb and flow of life on that Christmas Eve.

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