Friday, 23 May 2008


…de la John O’Groat Journal:

The opposition in Caithness to the introduction of bilingual road signs risks giving the impression that the county is anti-Gaelic, it was claimed yesterday.

Those behind the successful bid to bring the Royal National Mod to the Far North in 2010 also fear the campaign endangers the cultural and financial spin-offs the area can secure from the event.

Well-known Gaelic singer and activist Raymond Bremner yesterday singled out for criticism Highland councillors who are pursuing moves to overturn the authority's policy of erecting bilingual signs in all areas.

While claiming the argument to oppose their introduction in Caithness is flawed, Mr Bremner believes the high-profile ongoing campaign is undermining the efforts to provide a welcoming image in the run-up to the Mod.

He said: "The councillors need to understand that if they keep going down this path they will be damaging the efforts we are making to promote Gaelic and to encourage as many people as possible to come to the Mod."

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