Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Skotgaela Televido la Press & Journal:

...Take heed, ye who are Gaelic programme makers. Your shows cannot ever achieve the possible viewing figures until they make grittier programmes in which the players use language and encounter situations closer to the real life of the common five-eights. Ordinary people swear like troopers – troopers with their bits caught in their zips. Our, ahem, expressiveness is a fact of life.

Any drama, for instance, that would claim to be realistic would have to include such dialogue. Even Gaelic documentaries, well after the watershed, of course, should not skip all the fruitier parlance of the stressed crofter, fisherman or wind turbine erector. Otherwise, it will be boring.

I am not advocating end-to-end profanity, unless you are depicting the closed-doors sessions of the Stornoway councillors, in which case, yes, you would have to be realistic there, too…

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