Monday, 19 May 2008

An Furv Skrifys Savonek! Cornwall 24:

Members of the Cornish Language Partnership have voted to ratify the Standard Written Form of the language for use in education and public life after almost two years of work.

For more than twenty years, Cornish has worked with four different spellings -a testament to the dedication, research and diversity in the language community and something which it has in common with many small languages. However, the increasing use of , and demand, for the language meant that a standard for official use became a necessity.

The Partnership, therefore, put in place a process which harnessed knowledge both from within the Cornish language community and from experts from other language communities in order to look at the future.

The result is a standard form which draws on the forms already in existence. This means that users of any form will find much that is familiar, alongside some differences. Users who wish to carry on with their preferred form in personal use, will, of course, do so, but all official documentation will use the Standard form.

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