Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Cainnt mo Mhàthar

...de la Cape Breton Post:

A three-year project to aid the development of Gaelic learners is finally nearing an end.

A website is expected to go live on the Internet later this month and will feature video and audio recordings of the province’s Gaelic tradition-bearers in their own homes, speaking about everyday life.

The Gaelic Council of Nova Scotia organized the project with the help of the Nova Scotia Highland Village and with the technical expertise of Cape Breton University.

Known as the Cainnt mo Mhàthar (My Mother’s Language) project, the collection now boasts more than 40 hours of material. As well, the Highland Village in Iona recently donated two additional compilations of song and conversation recordings.

These recordings will provide an invaluable resource for Gaelic learners and educators alike, said project co-ordinator Shannon MacDonald, a staffer with the Gaelic Council.

“These recordings were super important to try to capture the little nuances, the rhythms and the little subtleties that are definitely obvious from one community to the next,” MacDonald said.

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