Monday, 16 June 2008

La DUP kaj Irlandalingvo

…de la Sunday Business Post:

And perhaps most revealing of all is the DUP opposition to the Irish Language Bill.

It is a measure of the DUP’s 17th century mentality that they should continue to oppose the growing Gaelscoil movement in the North.

For some sad reason, the Irish language has always been anathema to them.

Until recently, the Paisley/McGuinness political roadshow dominated the headlines. The fact that power-sharing was increasingly looking like it had no clothes was obscured. Now Robinson is in charge and DUP politicians are looking over their shoulders at their former MEP Jim Allister, who is taking the familiar political road rightwards in opposition to power-sharing with Sinn Féin.

With the DUP now boosted by the remarkable result in the Commons vote last week, London and Dublin may be thinking that the summer holidays at Stormont can’t come quickly enough.

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