Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Dulingva Entrepreno

…de la Daily Post:

More businesses in North Wales want to use Welsh in their day-top-day work - in order to make themselves more attractive to the rising numbers of people in the region speaking the language.

That is the view of a Welsh Language Board officer working with local businesses wanting to promote and market themselves bilingually.

But business leaders say that possible new legislation should not be used to compel firms to make greater use of the language.

Caernarfon-based Meleri Wyn Williams, the board’s private sector and business development officer, said: “There is an increasing number of businesses who want to promote themselves bilingually.

“There has been an increase in the number of Welsh speakers and they need to reach them. Especially in North Wales, where you have a higher proportion of Welsh speakers. Promoting themselves bilingually will appeal when they are targeting that audience.

“We are not saying that they must do everything bilingually - they could start with the small stuff such as bilingual menus and signage.”…..

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