Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Ned Beg Hom Ruy Isle of Man Today:

This June marks the centenary of the death of Manx language writer and poet Ned Beg Hom Ruy, also known as Edward Faragher…

…Charles Roeder, a German folklorist and personal friend of Ned Beg, described him as a 'a true type of the Manninagh Dooie' meaning a great Manxman.

Ned Beg's death in 1908 was a great loss for the Manx language, but he left an important legacy in his written work of poems, stories and personal reminiscences of the Cregneash he had known as a boy.

It was only after his death that the real value and contribution of Ned Beg's work to preserve Manx culture came to be fully appreciated…

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