Monday, 16 June 2008

Irlandalingvo kaj la Referendumo la Irish Independent:

The Government's entire marketing campaign for the doomed 'Yes' campaign is facing a grim post-mortem after bitter recriminations from TDs.

One deputy criticised the official FF slogan of 'Good For Ireland, Good For Europe' as "infantile", and said it justified the criticism that the party was not putting forward specific reasons to vote for Europe.

He also tore into the decision to print large numbers of Fianna Fail posters in Irish, but declined to be identified.

"I believe the Taoiseach wanted posters in Irish, but we had too many of them. If you are going to bother to communicate, you better do it in a language everyone can understand."

He said the Irish-language posters began with the words "Leas na hEorpa", which meant nothing to anybody.

"Nobody looking at them from the top of a bus would take anything from it."

But Dublin South Central TD Michael Mulcahy said: "There is nothing wrong with Irish. A lot of people love Irish. If we didn't have them in Irish, we would be criticised. We just didn't have as many posters as the 'No' side, and our posters weren't as good as theirs. That's obvious."

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