Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Futbalo kaj la Kimralingvo

…de This is South Wales:

Swansea City stars will be forced to speak Welsh on the pitch, thanks to barmy new European Union regulations.

That means the club's Spanish contingent, some of whom are still struggling with English, must now learn a second new language if they are to carry on playing in Wales.

And the likes of Garry Monk, Alan Tate and Leon Britton will be forced back across the Severn Bridge unless they get to grips with the Welsh alphabet.

The players, and others across the UK, are having to go back to class because of a new European working directive.

The Workers Language Integration directive was rubber stamped in Brussels in October, and comes into force this month.

The EU regulations are designed to prevent languages being lost given that the borders between member countries are now so open.

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