Thursday, 23 April 2009

Séamus de Blaca kaj Míle Fáilte

…de CBS News:

To Seamus Blake's immigrant parents from Ireland, the language of prosperity was English.So when they learned of their son's teenage interest in their native Gaelic, Blake said they asked him: "What good will that do you?"

What it did was turn him into an evangelist of the endangered language and the voice of the only radio show regularly broadcast in Irish Gaelic in the New York area.

"I became kind of a fanatic," Blake said in his rich Irish accent on a recent Tuesday before setting to work on the weekly broadcast of "Mile Failte" (MEEE'-leh FAWL'-tcheh), the show on WFUV-FM that he has hosted since 1978.

Blake's show offers an aural portrait of the surprising vitality of a language that UNESCO has deemed "definitely endangered." Irish Gaelic belongs to a branch of Celtic languages that includes Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, Breton and Cornish.

In the last two years, Blake's Saturday morning show has featured music ranging from Afro-Celtic funk to reggae, as well as storytelling and interviews _ all in the language that generations of Irish immigrants like his parents had once considered moribund…
* Dro. Blake liveros la ĉefteman adreson je tio jara Konferenco de la Nordamerika Asocio de Keltalingvaj Instruistoj en Nov-Jorko, 21-22 Majo....

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