Friday, 3 April 2009

Matthew Rhys

…de la Western Mail:

Hollywood actor Matthew Rhys has made an emotional return to Patagonia for the filming of his new movie.

The Cardiff-born actor has just arrived in the Argentinean region for the beginning of shooting of a film called Patagonia.

He will star alongside Brecon actress Nia Roberts in the Welsh-language picture due to be released later this year.

On Wednesday, Rhys revisited a group of locals he first worked with during a re-enactment of the epic trek of 30 men and 200 horses to discover new lands in Patagonia in 1885.

Rhys described the journey – which he completed back in 2005 – as the “best experience of his life” in a documentary capturing the trek for BBC Wales.

The 30-minute film has now been translated into Spanish and was shown to locals for the first time last night, four years after it was shot, with Rhys the guest of honour at the premiere...

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