Monday, 6 April 2009

Lingva Disputo

…de la Ballymoney Times:

Ballycastle independent councillor Seamus Blaney said he thought those writing to Moyle Council applying for Irish and Ulster Scots would have included their addresses in their particular form of language in their letters if they were so concerned about promotion.

That prompted Council Chairperson, Ulster Unionist councillor Willie Graham, to say: "Maybe they can't speak Irish or Ulster-Scots, not like me, I can speak Ulster-Scots."

Council Vice-Chairperson, Sinn Fein councillor Cara McShane, disagreed with Councillor Blaney saying the Irish language school did write in Irish in their application regarding signs at Kilns Road and Mill Street.

Meanwhile, Councillor Blaney said Ulster-Scots is not a language but a dialect.

And he said Sinn Fein were in effect promoting the Ulster-Scots because he predicted bids would come in for Ulster-Scots signs if Sinn Fein pushed through the Irish signs in Moyle.

Councillor Blaney wondered what an area like Glenville in Cushendall would be called in Irish.*

[* “Baile an Ghleanna”? ]

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