Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Y Cylch Catholig

…de la Daily Post:

A High Street bank is under fire for refusing to set up a Welsh business account for a church group.

North Wales-based Catholic Circle upgraded its Barclays bank account to small business status after being granted charitable status – but was told all the paperwork had to be in English.

Secretary Siw Roberts was stunned when the bank told her it could not set up an account with documents in Welsh.

Last night the bank confirmed it does not offer an account in Welsh, but insisted a Welsh language telephone service for businesses is available.

The bank previously refused to process a cheque written in Welsh, to pay for a trip to Lourdes.
The group has now switched accounts to another bank...

* Ĉu iu scias la retejan adreson por la Katolika Cirklo?

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